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31 December 2015 @ 18:08
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25 April 2011 @ 17:19
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23 April 2011 @ 12:52
Hey everyone!
I know this is sudden and pretty much done on a whim, but I will no longer post graphics and resources on this journal. It's just too annoying, having to log in and out of it, when I could just post from my personal journal in a community. And so, I bid thee farewell. ;A;
I hope you guys have a great Easter~
Stay safe and bloated by chocolates
♥ ♥
18 April 2011 @ 11:48
Tomorrow (Tues, 19th Apr) I will be departing this fair city for a holiday~ I will be back on.. Thursday or Friday.
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17 April 2011 @ 13:49

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How could you just leave me standing Alone in a world that's so cold Maybe I'm just too demanding Maybe I'm just like my father Too boldCollapse )

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